Conversion of room 1

From this:                                                                 to this:

20160301_232057                                         mentored-session


LMT received generous donations of material from Sheffield Insulation, Gibbs and Dandy, and expertise from CMS Danskin to convert former rehearsal room 1 into a space with controlled  internal and external acoustics. What seemed a gamble at first has been a great success, the acoustics have made rehearsal time much more productive.

Trinity College London use the buildings for graded music exams, lack of sound transfer from, and into, room 1, is a noticeable help.

“This is the best space I have ever rehearsed in and I have been rehearsing in Leeds for a long time.”

“Wow, it is as clear as a recording studio.”

“It’s a great sounding room, and helpful for all day exams.” Trinity College examiner


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